Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New blogger

Me, its me, I'm the new blogger.

Go here. Cheers!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bluths

Cami and Marcus have started a blog. Go here:

In addition, they are now listed on our handy side feature. hip hip!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Harmon still is featured!

I think I am the only one who posts anymore on here... Anyhoo many in the family have asked what happend with that photo competition... he lost! He was 2nd place though and look: we all got featured in one of thier ads... look at the bottom corner...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sorry about the game boys...

If you are looking for another team gentlemen I have a suggestion...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gues who is number 1 baby?!?!?

While ya'll were busy beating poor little New Mexico my Texas Longhorns knocked off the #1 one team in the nation baby!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!! Go Texas!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here is where some of us are are!

Well Carrie and Mom asked what happened to us and why were we not posting. Well Chris and I have been busy updating our blog:

Joe and Katy have new pics of Julia and Nathan on their blog:

Also Kelly and Cassie have put together a really cool blog about Kelly's deployment: He just arrived in Afghanistan on Sept 11 so we need to remember him in our prayers!

Also if you didn't know this Hakes Brothers has a website: and Carrie has been working hard w/the web designers to update it! So if you haven't go check it out :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Team USA

So, I know that this a family blog for news and family things, but I just can't help but want to share with everyone my excitement about the newly announced olympic gymnastics team.

My love affair with gymnastics began with Kim Zmeskal in 1992 and was rekindled during the showdown of the Sydney 2000 team final. I was bedazzled by the graceful russian team with their daring tricks and mourned when they tanked under pressure and let the more consistent (boring) romanians (rombots) take the gold.

Yelena Produnova shaved her eyebrow to look like a warrior

So flash forward to 2008, selecting the USA team. I've been watching most these girlies since they were just barely elites. The process lasted a grueling month and half from Nationals to Trials to the Training Camp; the numbers went from 19 to 17 to 12 to the final team of six, with three alternates. And here are the final six.

Alicia Sacramone - Team leader

The team mother, the team savior, the team sasscat. Whatevs. She's the girl who'll give the team the pep talk they need to survive Olympic pressure. It worked at Worlds 2007- following her huddle up the girls trounced the Chinese on floor in the final rotation. Here is her anchor performance from that meet: A Sac

Shawn Johnson - Wunderkind

So, this kid has IT. Stay tuned because she is the BEST all around gymnast in the world (1st at 2007 worlds). Not only that, but her laid back and cheery attitude is a nice change from the more robotic past champions. (no offense Carly, I'm sure your singing career will pan out).

Chellsie Memmel - Come back kid (is it just me or are these titles getting more lame as we go?)
I cannot say enough about this girl; from saving the team in '03/'06, to becoming world champ in '05, to coming back strong this year after blowing out her shoulder- she is a wonder, and could bring home her own haul of medals. Some people criticize her lack of form (Chucksie Moomel I believe is the nickname) but really not everyone can be a ballerina.

Nastia Liukin - Saving Grace
Seriously, if you want to know why they call it ARTISTIC gymnastics, watch this girl. She's been struggling due to growth spurts (atrociously tall at 5'3) and trying to survive this beast-friendly code (meant for gymnasts with tree trunk legs). If she can put it together, she will be unbeatable.

Sam Peszek- Filler Inner

Watch this beam routine and you'll see why she's here.

Bridget Sloan - the bar specialist
The rookie of the crowd, and recently uninjured. Could be a ?

So, there we go, this is the team that in twenty some days will need to rock China's world. And even with FIVE former world champions, we still don't have the start values (skills) to rival china. But as many a sports fan knows, what a team looks like on paper doesn't mean diddly until they bring it to the court...uh...beam/bar/floor/vault.